1. Please type CNIC No. through which candidate apply Online.
2. Please be at your Examination centre before 9:15 AM on 27 February, 2022.
3. Candidate must bring this printed (color) admittance card to the test centre alongwith Original CNIC or Local/DOMICILE or Passport. Failing to bring any of these, student shall not be allowed to appear for the examination.
4. Please bring with you (i) A Clip board (ii) Blue Ball Point Pen (Not Marker)
5. Examination centre will be sealed/closed at 9:30 AM.
6. No candidate will be allowed to enter the Examination Centre after 9:30 AM
7. Penalty: Immediate removal of the candidate from the centre with cancellation of paper.)
8. For further queries please visit BUMHS, Brewery Road, Quetta Between 09:00AM to 04:00 PM ( during working days).