1. Please type CNIC No. through which candidate apply Online.
2. Please be at your Examination Centre before 9:30 AM on 21th January, 2024.
3. No safe custodey available for Cell Phone(s)/Electronic Device(s). So Please do not bring any Cell Phone(s) and Other Prohibited Devices)
4. Candidate must bring this printed admittance card to the test centre alongwith Original CNIC or B'Form or Passport (Photo Copies are not acceptable. Failing to bring any of these, student shall not be allowed to appear in the examination.
5. Please bring with you (i) A Clip Board (ii) Blue Ball Point Pen (No Marker, Pointer, Pencil, Jell Pen, Ink Pens etc are allowed)
6. Examination centre will be sealed/closed at 9:45 AM. No candidate will be allowed to enter the Examination Centre after that.
8. For further queries please visit Admissions Office of BUMHS, Brewery Road, Quetta Between 09:00AM to 04:00 PM ( during working days).